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Cold Weather 2019-2020

Whether we like it or not... winter is fast approaching. Already, we are seeing many children come to school without coats. The students WILL go outside every day for recess unless the temperature, with the wind chill is below 20 degrees. I


2019-2020 calendar



Reminder for the 2019-2020 school year-dismissal instructions must be written

Dismissal instructions must be in written format (Dojo, e-mail or hand written note) if there is a change to the students normal dismissal routine.  No written instruction means the student will dismiss as they normally would.  E-mails can


Need to take the VIRTUS training to volunteer at school events?

A VIRTUS certificate, background check and code of conduct all need to be completed in order to volunteer in the school or at school events.  Please check out or click on the link below and search for an upcoming training sessio


Dance class in the Hall

The PTO will host 4 Mondays of dance class this school year. A similar class was run, last year, by Nikki from the Future of Talent in Cohoes.  Class times will run from 3:00-4:00.  Students will return to aftercare, if neede


Band lessons begin Monday, 9/16

Our music teacher will also be doing band lessons here at the school on Mondays, during the school day.  Don't forget your instruments...Permission to participate in bandInstrument information


January-June 2020 calendar of events

January-June 2020


New bell schedule for 2019-2020

bell schedule


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