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St. Marys Catholic School of Waterford

Middle School - Grades 5-8

Continuity is our strength when it comes to educating students of this age. Where students in other schools would be transitioning to an entirely new environment, with unknown faculty, staff and administration, our middle school students have the benefit of continuing their educational experience with people who know and care about them. Here, our program is departmentalized. Your middle school child will change classes throughout the day as he or she migrates from one content area to the next. This Middle School model allows students in these grades to be leaders, mentors and role models to our younger students, an experience that provides educational value by promoting patience, tolerance and acceptance of others.

The curriculum is aligned with the  Next Gen Learning Standards and the Diocese of Albany Catholic School standards. Students receive instruction in six core subjects: Mathematics, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Religion and Spanish.  Additionally, students receive weekly instruction in: STEM, Music, Art, and Physical Education.  8th Grade students will be given the opportunity to take Living Environment (Biology) and Integrated Algebra. Successful completion of these Regents, as well as the Spanish Language proficiency, will position your son or daughter to begin their freshman year of high school enrolled in 10th grade courses.