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Principal's Letter


August 16, 2017

Dear Parent,

The start of school is quickly approaching and we continue to work diligently to ensure everything is prepared for your child’s return.

Just a few notes to be mindful of as we ready ourselves for September:

  1. Please register with your public district (the school district you reside in) if you’ve not already done so at some point. This is necessary and extremely IMPORTANT, in order for the district to provide your child(ren) with transportation, books, remedial reading services or special education services. If you’re not registered with the public district, they don’t know your child exists and therefore they won’t provide any of those services.
  2. Much needed information and forms are available on the website. We try to keep this site as updated as possible.
    1. Details regarding uniforms, medical procedures, school hours, etc. can all be found in the Parent Handbook. Click on the “Parent and Students Link”  to locate that handbook.
    2. Dates of various events can be found on our online calendar. The most recent 5 events appear on the homepage however clicking “Calendar” in Quick Links (upper right-hand side) will bring you to a month by month calendar. A FULL list of events is in a portable document located above each month’s calendar entitled “Full Year’s calendar in PDF”.
    3. Forms for aftercare registration, gym uniform orders, milk orders, self-directed medication and many more can all be found by clicking “Parent and Students” and then “Forms”.
    4. My Letters can also be found on the Parent link by clicking “Principal’s Letters”. If you have not received any of my recent letters, please let Mrs. McCoy know to add your email to the distribution list. She can be reached at
Finally, the teachers will be sending out their welcome letters to you next week, no later than August 23rd. This is a little later than previous years however that was intentional on my part. We continue to register students for the coming year and so the class lists have continued to change, day by day. In fact, a second section of 1st grade was added, due to 4 registrations in the past week alone. So, finalizing class lists has been a challenge, hence the later letters.


I look forward to seeing all the children in a few short weeks, with shiny shoes and fresh haircuts! Though summer provides us all with a break from the routines, I start to miss your children and their smiles.Take care until then and may God continue to bless and watch over your family. 


Mary Rushkoski

Principal, St. Mary's School
12 Sixth Street
Waterford, N.Y. 12188