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St. Marys Catholic School of Waterford

Beyond the Backpack

So often, we hear parents say that their child's experience at St. Mary's is wonderful, for reasons that go well beyond the rigorous academic program. It's hard to say if it's the loving environment created by a faith filled community. We feel it has a lot to do with the opportunities students are given to see the role they can play in God's loving community.

Annual Faculty vs. 8th grade Charity softball game, held each fall to benefit an organization in need. In 2014, proceeds of the event, $1250, were donated to St. Mary's School in Ticonderoga, which was rebuilding after a devastating fire.


Reading Buddies was a program that began years ago, to allow child of all grades throughout the school to read together, just for fun! Students in all the elementary grades are paired with a buddy, with whom they enjoy casual reading. With our pre-k students, and their 8th grade buddies, it has gone well beyond reading! These groups of students bake together for the holidays, like Thanksgiving and enjoy a morning of sledding, when Old Man Winter gives us a fresh coating of snow. The students learn so much from each other, but most especially they learn to empathize with someone of a different age or gender. They learn to develop fun and cooperative relationships with kids of different ages.

Catholic School's Week Community Service Day has become a tradition here at St. Mary's School over the past several years. Community service has always been a tremendous part of our curriculum. The Sisters of Mercy, the religious order who first staffed and taught at St. Mary's, taught the Gospel lesson of Matthew well through the way they lived their lives. We continue to teach our students the importance of doing good works and living a life of service. Each year during National Catholic School's Week, every student in grades K though 8th will be out in the community doing something of value for others. The children, as well as the teachers, love this day, for it speaks to who God truly wants us to be!

"Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25: 40