• Annual Christmas Concert~ Tuesday Dec. 16th. Russell Sage College at 6:30..
  • Magazine Drive Limo Lunch and Main event ~ Dec. 16th



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The field trip to the Cohoes Music Hall on Dec. 12th has been cancelled, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Reminder: Middle school classrooms are peanut and wheat free. Please send your middle school student with snacks that conform to this school policy for the safety and well-being of all our students.

With the onset of winter, students should be wearing seasonally appropriate pieces to the uniform. Sweaters are an option with the dress uniform. St. Mary's sweatshirts, either hooded or unhooded, are also appropriate with the gym uniform. Please do not dress your child in items that are not part of the schoo uniform.

Uniform guidance for days with a Liturgy:

All students who do not have gym should be in dress uniform (no polo shirt for middle school). If your child has gym on a day that mass is scheduled and plays no role in the mass (ex: reading, offetory) he or she may be in gym uniform.

Click here for detailed information on our school uniform.

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